How to use the ride board instructions...

First, make sure you log-in when you come to our site.  You only have to sign in once.  But then choose Log-in on every other return.

Look for rides -  Check the ride board for anybody posting for rides.  Here's the shortcut... when you see a post you like, just follow that person.  This way, you will get notified when they or somebody else makes another post.  You won't have to come back to the website constantly to see if somebody has replied.

Post a ride -  It's easy.  Just click on Ride Board, then click on the Ride Board forum.  In the upper right corner select Create New Post and follow the prompts to post a ride.


Secretary -

Melinda Nowak


Sharon Davis

Activites Lead

Pam Flint

Activities Assistant -

Michelle Berlin

Head Road Captain -

Mel Brown

Ladies of Harley -

Alicia Brown

Safety Officer -

Larry Foose

Photographer -

John Hulbert

Head Road Captain Assistant

AJ Fox

Photographer -

Mikki Fox

Webmaster - Greg Marczak

Ride = Roadking

Merchandise/Apparel -

Jim Berlin

Editor -

Carolyn Fox

Membership -

Officer- Paula Miller