How to use the ride board instructions...

First, make sure you log-in when you come to our site.  You only have to sign in once.  But then choose Log-in on every other return.

Look for rides -  Check the ride board for anybody posting for rides.  Here's the shortcut... when you see a post you like, just follow that person.  This way, you will get notified when they or somebody else makes another post.  You won't have to come back to the website constantly to see if somebody has replied.

Post a ride -  It's easy.  Just click on Ride Board, then click on the Ride Board forum.  In the upper right corner select Create New Post and follow the prompts to post a ride.

Membership Requirements
  -  Must be a National HOG member
  -  One name per form
  -  Signature at bottom of form

  -  $25.00 per person
  -  $35.00 per couple

Member Profile Form
  -  Return completed Member Profile form to Paula Miller
  -  Please indicate whether you would like to be listed in the
     (Chapter members only) Phone Directory

General information
  -  Dues cover January thru December of current year
  -  Membership cards must be picked up @ chapter meeting
  -  Make checks payable to:  Muskegon MI Chapter #1962
  -  Contact Paula Miller (231) 740-6995 for additional questions

  -  Member Enrollment Form
-  Member Profile Form